Top Five Things to Do in Chicago

Top Five Things to Do in Chicago

America’s capital of the Midwest, Chicago, is one of the country’s best cities. A fun mix of Midwest manners and charm and a bustling modern city, Chicago has a long list of can’t-miss activities. Today we present you with the best of the best — the top five things to do in Chicago, Illinois, US of A.

  1. Have a blast at Navy Pier.

Much like the Windy City itself, Navy Pier is a fun mix of small town and big city. One the one hand, you got a carnival filled with your typical carnival rides, a ferris wheel, and even miniature golf. But this is all located right in the middle of the city. You can even catch a show at the famous Chicago Shakespeare Theater at the pier. There’s tons of restaurants, boat tours, and a number of beer gardens to keep you busy as well. Locals and tourists alike flock to the pier to play, to eat, to be entertained, and to enjoy the wonderful mix of city, parks, and water.

  1. Watch a Cubs game.

Wrigley Field is a Chicago institution, and no afternoon is better spent than watching the beloved Cubbies play. Loved for the ivy covered outfield walls, the team’s rich history, and even the fact that they haven’t won the World Series in over 100 years, the Chicago Cubs are an integral part of America’s Pastime. Baseball games are inexpensive too, so grab a seat, a cold beer, and a brat, and “root, root, root for the Cubbies.”

  1. Gorge yourself on some Chicago deep dish pizza.

Pizza lovers are obligated to give the famous Chicago deep dish a try when visiting the city. Gino’s East on 162 E. Superior Street, Pizzerias Uno on 29 East Ohio Street, and Due on 619 North Wabash Avenue have been leading the way in this department for decades. It was Pizzeria Uno, in fact, that invented the deep dish. It’s a testament to them that they still remain one of the top providers of this cheesy, topping-stuffed, wonderful mess after all these years.

  1. Visit the Art Institute of Chicago.

Undoubtedly one of Chicago’s main attractions is the Art Institute. The museum which houses permanent works by the likes of Eva Hesse, David Hockney, and Ellsworth Kelly is also the home to all sorts of art forms from photography to architecture to textiles. On Thursday evenings, you can even get in free of charge, quite the bargain to see the works of legendary names such as Rembrandt, Monet, Renoir, and van Gogh.

  1. Relax by Lake Michigan.

While Chicago winters may be some of the country’s most brutal, the summertime is alive with life, activity, and excitement, especially on the lake. Instead of a waterfront filled with factories, highways, or ports, Chicago has lined its beautiful lake-front property with an unparalleled system of public parks. The waterfront parks beckon, and the people respond. You can even rent a bicycle and enjoy a leisurely 22-mile ride along The Chicago Lakefront Bicycle Trail.

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