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London Rocks!

Capital cities are usually something special, and most of them are iconic and known the world over, but perhaps some are more well-known and well-regarded than others. Think about Washington DC and is history, Paris and its sophistication, Oslo and its nature, Rome and its historical buildings – you get the picture; every capital city is known for something. What

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Family Fun in Dubai

Dubai is not a city which will probably pop into your mind as the first choice for a family holiday destination. Known for its glitz, glamour, money, and high class hotels, Dubai has long been known as the glittering jewel in the UAE crown. Despite that, there are countless activities and attractions for families to enjoy, with more than enough

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Where in the World to See Wild Monkeys?

Where in the World to See Wild Monkeys? (Toronto, Islamabad) Who doesn’t love monkeys? We’re descended from them, they can take selfies, make Pot Noodles and talk to us in sign language – they’re basically our annoying, adorable little brothers. They’re closer to us than any other animal, and perhaps this is why we find them so innately watchable –

How Well Do You Know Your European Road Signs?

Every year, millions of holidaymakers pack their bags and head to Europe in search of fine cuisine, culture and style. Although many holidays can be unpredictable, one thing is for certain, thousands of people will be hiring a car in Rome, Barcelona or any major European city for that matter. These European countries have their own set of rules for

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Top Five Things to Do in Chicago

America’s capital of the Midwest, Chicago, is one of the country’s best cities. A fun mix of Midwest manners and charm and a bustling modern city, Chicago has a long list of can’t-miss activities. Today we present you with the best of the best — the top five things to do in Chicago, Illinois, US of A. Have a blast

Tokyo on a Budget

Tokyo is massive, bustling metropolis. Between the busy streets, the high-tech buildings, and amazing combination of traditional and modern, it’s a fascinating place. It is also one of the most expensive cities in the world. Traveling Tokyo on the cheap is not easy, but it can be done. Here are the top money-saving tips as you explore the gateway into