Discover a Wealth of Beauty across Portugal

If you’re looking for a country filled with superb beaches, medieval towns, charming cities and even tropical islands then Portugal will easily match and exceed your expectations. Europe’s most western country offers a more relaxed pace of life and a beautiful Mediterranean climate in which to enjoy plenty of sightseeing and activities all year round. From the vibrant city of

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The Vacation of Your Dreams Is Within Your Reach

There are many fantastic holiday destinations around the world that you may think are out of your reach. You may dream of visiting Las Vegas or Cancun, or would like to go on a South African safari or spend a week on the Costa Del Sol. However, you should think again. If you join a vacation club such as Royal

The Wonders of Burma

Are you looking for something a little unusual for your holiday this year? I think we all reach a point in our travel adventures when we want to see something different. If that’s the case for you, why not consider a visit to exotic Burma. Green, lush, mysterious, and downright beautiful, Burma, also known as Myanmar, has only recently been

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Budget Airline Journey  

With the advent of low-cost airlines has come the realisation that more and more of us can now travel to places we never thought we would get to visit. This is a blessing, but it is important to know how to get the most out of them too, to enable a more comfortable, and even cheaper onwards journey. Grab a

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Booking DIY, it’s Easier than you Think!  

The internet has brought us many new and exciting ways of doing things, such as buying clothes online, ordering food, and even booking your long-awaited annual holiday. Whether you choose a package deal through a large company, put together a bespoke package through a trusted website, or go the whole hog and book it all separately yourself, there are major

Where to Winter in Europe

There are those who flee from winter, flocking to warmer climates where they can shed the layers of clothing and relax in the sun. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this at all. But then are other people: those who embrace winter head-on and love it for everything it offers. The cozy atmosphere, the snow-covered trees and sidewalks, the lights, the